Despite being a member for just a few months, I've had a fair number of good sized jobs from the group. I have easily covered the cost of my membership for the next two or three years

Phil Ward

Electrician, Willis and Ward Electricians

Next  ‘Open Category’ Day July 26th

The Village Hotel,Henry Boot Way,

Priory Way, Hull HU4 7DY

Everyone welcome, Meeting Starts at 7 am prompt. 

Even If your category is already taken, we’ll add you to the waiting list. 

Places are limited so please register early using the form on this page

  • You’ll get to meet plenty of local business owners.
  • Visitors pay our standard meeting fee of £13
  • You’ll have access to our unique BCC card box app that lists the details of all our members on your smartphone.
  • An all you can eat Full English Breakfast is included.


Creative Services

Last week i received an 'ideal referral' the company was just the right size, they are expanding and they need my copywriting skills to help them move forward - an excellent referral and a great piece of business for me. Thank you BCC!

Jo Watson-Davies

Copy Writer, WhatsitDoodah Writing

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