Today’s meeting brought the gems of support, interest and business opportunities we’ve all come to expect from our Thursday mornings, but the best bit by far was what happened outside the room long after the official business was over and done with.

The casual breakfast observer could be forgiven for thinking that the table in the corner was engaged in mere idle chatter. In fact, what was happening was uber-networking, resulting in the kind of business support that most entrepreneurs can only dream of.

Jan, Jan, Mihaela and Jo, sharing news of alternative networking opportunities, tech cheats, parenting careers advice, good (and to be avoided) potential meeting venues, reminders for work deadlines, useful motivational apps, marketing tips, valued contacts, and so it went on. We were the last table to leave and frankly, I for one could have stayed all morning.

But in other places we each had to be, so undeterred by our diaries, the exchanges carried on throughout the day as we all followed up on the things we said we’d forward and share.

If that’s not what great networking is all about, I don’t know what is?

Same time next week ladies?

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