The majority of our members have a great attendance record at the group’s meetings – especially since our move to the Village Hotel at the start of the year. Sometimes, however, it’s just not possible to make the meeting on a particular date and that’s where sending in a sub can be useful – whether they are a member of your team or a friend or colleague, they are there to make sure your business is represented in your absence.

Here are a few words from Liz Ewing,  a former member who is often available to sub for others who can’t get to the meeting

“Networking is not just about making new contacts – most important of all, it is re-establishing old contacts and tweaking their memory about your business. I was a member of the BCC group, who now meet at The Village Hotel, Hull on a Thursday morning, and whilst no longer an active member, because of family commitments – I do pop back every now and then acting as a substitute for current members, who have become friends as well as business associates.”

“My business is Style My Venue and whilst it is quite a niche business, networking is important to me – as I just never know who might be talking about me, needing me or who I can offer help and advice to not just in my own business but in other businesses that cross my paths.”

“So, subbing and attending visitor days is very important – you never know who you might bump into.”
If you’re not there and actively participating there are opportunities you may miss. And you get a great breakfast (where a lot of the networking takes place as well!)

Hull Networking Group

Liz Ewing – Style My Venue
Tel: 01430 424115 Mob: 07812 422007
10 Church Street, North Cave, HU15 2LW

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Steve Elliott

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